Ron Royce

Ron Royce

Ron Broder
Bass, Vocals

Ron Broder (a.k.a "Ron Royce")

Name: Broder    
First Name: Ron
Date Of Birth: 29.01.1964
City/Country: Zurich / Switzerland
Education: Electrician   

Current Job: Safety Engineer / Musician  

Instrument: Bass / Vocals

Favorite Brands: Custom made 4-string Bass by M. Bruderer, EBS, Sennheiser  

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: Diamond, No Sanctuary  

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Swiss Blues Authority, Scream 4, different projects  

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 80's: Rush, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden  

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 90's: Rush, Ozric Tentacles, Beastie Boys  

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands Current: Rush, Hank Williams lll, Trombone Shorty  

Fave Food: Italian  

Fave Movie: "The Good The Bad And The Ugly" 

Likes: The silence, the nature  

Dislikes: Lies  

Top 3 Favorite Coroner Tunes: Tunnel of Pain, Paralyzed Mesmerized, Grin  

Favorite Coroner Album: Grin  

Never Again: Being careless  

Glad It Happened: Being true to myself

Tommy T. Baron

Tommy T. Baron

Tommy Vetterli

Tommy on the web:
New Sound Studio

Tommy Vetterli (a.k.a. "Tommy T. Baron")

Name: Vetterli
First Name: Tommy
Date Of Birth: July 8th
City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland
Education: Autodidact Musician / Producer / Audioingeneer

Current Job: Musician / Producer / Audioingeneer at New Sound Studio, Switzerland

Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Brands: LÀG Guitars, Bogner Amps, DR Strings

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: Diamond

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Kreator, Clockwork, Stephan Eicher, Voodoo Cult, 69 Chambers

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 80's: From Led Zeppelin to Allan Holdsworth

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 90's: From Slayer to Tribal Tech

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands Current: From Deftones to Mussorgsky

Fave Food: Almost everything that's cooked with passion

Fave Movie: "The Big Lebowski", "Apocalypse Now", "Blade Runner", "Good Fellas"

Likes: Red Wine

Dislikes: People without passion

Top 3 Favorite Coroner Tunes: Serpent Moves, The Favorite Game, Son Of Lilith

Favorite Coroner Album: Grin

Never Again:  Sell my Porsche

Glad It Happened: Married my wonderful wife

Daniel Stoessel

Daniel Stoessel

Guest Musician since 1996

Daniel Stoessel
Keyboards/Backing vocals

reiz trigger

Daniel Stoessel (a.k.a "Reiz Trigger")

Name: Stoessel
First Name: Daniel
Date Of Birth: 12.05.1969
City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland

Current Job: Video-Editor/Composer/Producer

Instrument: Keyboards/Backing vocals

Non-Coroner Musical Activities: Reiz Trigger, various other Bands, Sounddesigns, Filmscores

Fave Bands: The Young Gods, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd, Korn, Neubauten, Black Sabbath

Fave Food: Indian, Japanese, Blutwurst

Likes: The Right Brain

Dislikes: The Right Wing

Top 3 Favorite Coroner Tunes: Divine Step, Shifter, Tunnel of Pain

Favorite Corner Album: Mental Vortex

Former Member(s)

Marquis Marky

Marquis Marky

Marky Edelmann

Marky Edelmann (a.k.a "Marquis Marky")

Name: Edelmann
First Name: Marky
Date Of Birth: 29.09.64
City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland
Education: Graphic Designer

Current Job: Art Collection, Technical Manager

Instrument: Drums

Favorite Brands:

Current: Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Virth Drumsticks American Classic 2b, Pearl Pedals

Past: Ludwig Drum kit, Paiste Cymbals, Agner Sticks, DW Pedals

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: VoltAge, Coroner (first line-up)

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Apollyon Sun, SPOO, Knallkids

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 80's: KISS, Ramones, Cramps, Alien Sex Fiend, Zep, Discharge, GBH, Police, Mercyful Fate, DAF, Nasty Savage, Exodus, Motörhead, The Young Gods, S.O.D., Slayer, Angel Witch, Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, Budgie, St.Vitus, PE, Suicidal Tendencies, Circle Jerks, Beastie Boys, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Leather Nun, Misfits, Hawkwind. The Doors

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 90’s: Nirvana, Kyuss , Queens Of The Stone Age, Death, Beastie Boys, Helmet, St. Vitus, DAF, Wutang Clan, ODB, Scorn, LKJ, Super Collider/Cristian Vogel, Der Dritte Raum, Daft Punk, Prodigy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mr.Oizo, Gore, Chrome

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands Current:  Goatsnake, Bass Drum Of Death, Who Made Who, Frank Sinatra, Carl Perkins, Zoot Women, Electric Wizzard, Chet Baker, Buddy Rich

Fave Food: Japanese, Italian

Fave Movie: "The Big Lebowski", "The Good The Bad And The Ugly", "The Shining"

Likes: The Ocean

Dislikes: Religious Madness

Top 3 Favorite Coroner Tunes: Divine Step, Masked Jackal, Grin

Favorite Coroner Album: None

Never Again: War

Glad It Happened: To Become A Daddy