Ron Royce

Ron Royce

Ron Broder
Bass, Vocals

Ron Broder (a.k.a "Ron Royce")

Date Of Birth: January 29th 1964

City/Country: Zurich / Switzerland

Education: Electrician   

Current Job: Safety Engineer / Musician  

Instrument: Bass / Vocals

Favorite Brands: Custom made 4-string Bass by M. Bruderer, EBS, Sennheiser  

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: Diamond, No Sanctuary  

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Swiss Blues Authority, Scream 4, different projects  

Tommy T. Baron

Tommy T. Baron

Tommy Vetterli

Tommy on the web:
New Sound Studio

Tommy Vetterli (a.k.a. "Tommy T. Baron")

Date Of Birth: July 8th

City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland

Education: Musician / Producer / Audioingeneer

Current Job: Musician / Producer / Audioingeneer at New Sound Studio, Switzerland

Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Brands: Solar Guitars, Bogner Amps, Mezzabarba Amps

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: Diamond

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Kreator, Clockwork, Stephan Eicher, Voodoo Cult, 69 Chambers

Diego Rappachietti

Diego Rappachietti

Diego Rappachietti

Diego Rappachietti

Date Of Birth: April 6th 1968

City/Country: Montpellier, France

Current Job: Studio Drummer/ Drum Teacher

Instrument: Drums

Favorite Brands: GMS Drums, Paiste Cymbals

Non-Coroner Musical Activities: Angi Schilirò, Zerop, Venturia, 69Chambers

Daniel Stoessel

Daniel Stoessel

Guest Musician since 1996

Daniel Stoessel
Keyboards/Backing vocals

reiz trigger

Daniel Stoessel (a.k.a "Reiz Trigger")

Date Of Birth: May 12th 1969

City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland

Current Job: Video-Editor/Composer/Producer

Instrument: Keyboards/Backing vocals

Non-Coroner Musical Activities: Reiz Trigger, various other Bands, Sounddesigns, Filmscores

Former Member(s)

Marquis Marky

Marquis Marky

Marky Edelmann

Marky Edelmann (a.k.a "Marquis Marky")

Date Of Birth: September 29th 1964

City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland

Education: Graphic Designer

Current Job: Art Collection, Technical Manager

Instrument: Drums

Favorite Brands:

Current: Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Virth Drumsticks American Classic 2b, Pearl Pedals

Past: Ludwig Drum kit, Paiste Cymbals, Agner Sticks, DW Pedals